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Update Pioneer, BCos Logs 2020

Update Pioneer,
BCos Logs

Williams Lake Visitor Centre 2 Project

Tourism Discovery Centre, Williams Lake

Update Pioneer, BCos Logs 2020

I think everybody would agree that 2020 has been a challenging year.  Difficult trading conditions and a major rethink on how we all work and move around. Hence, Pioneer & BCos Logs, thought we needed to give you an Update.

BCos Logs & Pioneer Log Homes of BC, has continued to work away, though it all. It has affected some projects and slowed others. We are not as severely affected as some. We were already set up working from home. Why would you, want to leave a beautiful Pioneer home? We have been busy finding out  where customers are with their dream plans and letting sending an on going update to Pioneer how things are fairing here in the UK.  Catching up on maintenance here, that we couldn’t do in the Spring and starting to get the garden into shape, as well as working on up and coming projects pending & in the pipeline.

Exhibitions were planned this year. We were booked to do the Homebuilding and Renovating Shows in Birmingham and Glasgow. We were extremely disappointed that they had to be cancelled. We love meeting prospect clients, hearing about their dream builds and aspirations. However, we fully understand that it was not feasible to run the Exhibitions, due to COVID-19. We chose not to participate in the virtual Birmingham exhibition due to not having a good enough quality internet access. Something we hope to have sorted by the end of this year. (One of the few downsides, of living and working in a rural location, on the edge of a city).

We are confident things will improve next year and Exhibitions will be allowed to go ahead, is some shape or form. Further details will be posted on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as things progress. 

Meanwhile, we have been working on plans and planning going forward. I know there are lots of people looking at their homes and thinking about changes, as many will be spending far more time at home. Working as well as living.  I have heard a lot commenting, that long term the Dining Table will no longer cut it.

Lots of customers are looking for plots of land and asking how to go about it?My answer is get signed up for email alerts with Land Agents and Estate Agents. The best plots are rarely advertised as they get snapped up.  let the Agents  know specifics on what you are looking for and price range and size of plot. They will send you specific details as they come up. Alternatively contact us we will let you know if we hear of any plots that may interest you.

In the meantime, we would love to hear of your plans to help you fulfil your dream build with the Pioneer WOW factor.

Here is to a better 2021!

Pioneer Log Structure

Pioneer Log Structure in Progress, Edinburgh

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