Independent Distributor for Pioneer:

Welcome to BCos Logs – Independent Distributor for Pioneer Log Homes of BC


BCos Logs an Independent Distributor for Pioneer Log Homes of BC.  As a Pioneer Distributor,  we are equipped to help you realise your log home dreams.

If you are looking to build a luxury log home or a handcrafted log cabin or Cabins in the UK. Pioneer is certainly the finest there is.

Every Pioneer Log Home is assembled by a team who painstakingly handcraft every detail.  As a result they deliver your home on time, on budget and in balance with nature’s perfect creations.

Pioneer Log Homes handcrafts each world class cedar log homes to perfection.


They ensure your new home withstands the test of time and with  the highest quality in mind. They carefully construct your log homes with distinct artistry and personality.  Each and every log used to build your custom Pioneer Log Home, is seasoned and air dried. This helps to and control shrinking and checking.  This process creates custom log homes that need very little adjustment and maintenance.

The preliminary construction of Pioneer Log Homes’ log shell package will be performed on one of the company’s sites in Williams Lake, British Columbia, Canada. For additional effect, the log ends are carved in Alaskan finish, smooth-faced Yukon finish, or gentle scrolled timber arches. Once every detail is honed to perfection and the log-only structure is complete, each log then gets tagged, numbered, and transported directly to your building site. Every log then gets reassembled along with the finishing touches to re-erect your dream home.

BCos Logs as a Distributor for Pioneer Log Homes of BC.


We are equally committed to providing the best service to our clients. Working with Pioneer to help each client get the most from their Pioneer experience and fulfil their dream build. BCos Logs understands the regulatory processes of building within the United Kingdom and we can help you build the home of your dreams. Pioneer has been building for 40+ years!

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